Board of Directors  

Sim Beng Mei Mildred (Mrs Mildred Tan)
Independent Non-Executive Director

Date of first appointment as director
2 January 2019

Date of last re-appointment as director

Board committee(s) served on
Audit & Risk Committee (Member)

Academic and professional qualification(s)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Middlesex University, UK
Master in Education, University of Sheffield, UK
HR Executive Program, Cornell University, USA
Harvard Executive Leaderships Program, Harvard Business School, Boston, USA
Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society

Current directorships in other listed companies and other principal commitments
Other listed companies

Other principal commitments
National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (Chairman)
Council for Board Diversity (Co-Chair)
Gardens by the Bay (Director)
Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism (MOE) (Director)
Community Foundation of Singapore (Director)

Past directorships in other listed companies held over preceding three years

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